Transparent faces while tracing on blueprints


I have some blueprints uv’d on to some plains for tracing with box modeling, however is there any way to make blender show faces as semi transparent, so that while I am tracing I can still see the blueprint below?

I tried searching the forum, but have not been able to find this info.

Any pointers would be great



In the edit buttons, click the Draw Faces button. Is that what you are looking for?



Thanks, but It doesn’t seem to achieve what I am after. I have posted an image below, what I would like is to be able to see the contours under my created plain, so my plain is semi transparent.

If this is not a feature in blender, then I think this would be on my wishlist for future versions.



If you have it atached to background you can click “draw faces” and press ‘Z’ for wireframe mode. However if you are in texturemode, you can always hide points easily to see blueprint, and press alt-h when your done editing your vertices.

Perhaps someone else got a right, or better answer…

Yes, hitting the Z key switches between wireframe and solid mode. You can hide verticies no matter what, as long as you are in edit mode. That is H to hide, and Alt+H to unhide all the verticies. The Draw Faces option mearly makes them translucent when in wireframe mode.


Just turning on Draw Faces should work if you use the background feature of Blender. When you use uv-mapped planes however:

Then turn on Draw Faces for the model too.