Transparent Glass?

I’m trying to make a transparent glass, and everything looks ok (except for weird black dots all over :() except for the inside of the cup isn’t transparent. By the inside I mean the place that would be on the inside of the cup where you can see. The other side of the inside that you CAN see looks transparent enough.

Any tips would be appreciated.

More info available if needed. (Right now I don’t want to worry about posting any of the files.)

did you try ctrl N ( recalc normals outside ) and ‘remove doubles’ button?

also, if ur doin raytraced transparency, increase the RayDepth next to RayTransp to get rid of the opacity.

How did they get those relistic looking glasses shown in the screen shots on the yafray site? Thats what I want to do with this goblet (whine glass) I made, just as a way to learn more about transparent objects. I would also like to get the shadows to be cool looking like in those shots.

I increased the depth, and that fixed the problem. Now though it seems to mirror a glass inside of itself. (This is probably difficult to understand from my discriptionl, I can get a screenshot if needed.)

The glasses on Yafray site are made with Yafray, not Blender :slight_smile:

It implies changing the rendering engine in the rendering (F10) buttons



I know that…

Was the effect acchived with just the 3 setting you have available under the ray transparent section?

Whats confusing me now is my glass looks great with the internal render. When I try out yafray though, it loses all it’s transparency, and is completly opaque.