Transparent grid cage for sensor idea

Hi! Something just popped in my mind that i decided to share with You guys because i think it’s cool and could be highly addictive.

And as the character waves the brush through the air, sensor could detect collision for empty to drop a ball or some mesh object with shapekeys also maybe being activated upon collision with cage to simulate floating paint moving through the air like clouds that would disappear for example in time no matter which character move or brush stroke the character does with the brush. But of course with the grid pulled around the character. Made this bit in order to keep player entertained with thoughts of adding overlay scenes with buttons to ask this game character which way to go if character has picked up a dropped quest item that needs to be bought to this character that obviously would carry something that would bring up special overlay scenes upon collision with something by this character that could be picked up like thistles from going mad in jungle or something like that :rofl: