Transparent in Material in 2.78 ?

is it normal to not see in viewport Transp mat in cycles
using 2.78 in material mode
texture mode not does not seems to show transp mat in viewport

I can see it in the older version

happy cl

Cycles transperent shader is working fine here…



But some times a .png can be corrupt.

Try to re convert it…Puff Puff


thanks for feedback

strange you can see transp mat in solid and mat mode
but not glass or refraction mat
glass or refraction are also transp but not shown !

did a bug report

will see what I get

happy cl

from bug report

transp for glass and refection !

This is a known limitation of the viewport, which will be fixed in the major viewport recode for 2.8.
so guess we have to wait till 2.8

happy bl