I have built a glass window for a store front and have made it transparent. It looks good. BUT Im trying to write the stores name i.e. “Newmans Pub” on the window in black letters and do not want them to be transparent. Some reason they are also transparent!I created a second material on the same glass and used the words as the second material. Was that the wrong thing to do? Any one know how I could acheive the look please let me know.


can u please share the .blend file ? because it isnt usually the case that you get a same material on a different mesh even after you have applied a different material.

or atleast… i m dumb enough to not understand your problem by just this text. %|

I would love to, but unfortuantely I am dumber and dont even know how to send anyone my .blend files. Is it as easy as grabbing it from the folder I have it in and dropping it into the forum? Let me know how and I will do so.



Let your letters affect the “alpha” setting.

If the letters are black w/ a white background, then use the same texture twice. On the first one, under the “Map To” tab of your texture, make sure that “Col” is off, turn “Alpha” on and click the “Neg” button (above your RGB sliders, in the center). On the second one, under the “Map To” tab, keep only “Col” on. Make sure the Alpha of the material is set to “0.0” for complete transparency. Try that, see if it works. If you can’t find the tabs I’m talking about, you might be using an older version of Blender.