Transparent material in EEVEE


I searched a lot on google and found nothing about it.

how do i make a semi-transparent plastic material in which the light passes through it acquiring its colors in EEVEE?

thank you

The question sounds to me like: How do I make SSS in Eevee?

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Thank you for your help
but you didn’t understand

would be a material like the image below:
the light is colored by the plastic material, like the canvas above the door, is it possible?

I see a transparent material and behind it a green object. Maybe a green reflection in the glass but no effects that would only work with pathtracer. Did you check the blenderkit glass? Maybe this help:

you haven’t understood yet
it would be the same material as the green bottle and red cup in the image.
in which the light passes through it and takes on the color of the liquid
with and without refraction

This type of caustics is exactly where one would use a pathtracer. Eevee doesn’t support it.

This is closest way to fake what you’re asking and I don’t really see a way to add color to it. If you really need to have similar effect in Eevee then consider baking it in Cycles and adding it to appropriate materials or faking it with subtle spotlights or similar techniques.

One similar solution, but If you don’t use it just as a shadow catcher you’re going to have to compromise on the quality of the original material that would recieve the colored shadow: How to colorize Eevee shadows?

Might be a way to get more flexibility with it and duplicate the geometry that would catch the shadow and have it as a “overlay” over the original geometry with the non shadow part completly transparent and shadow with some opacity.

Edit 2:

Like this. Woudn’t consider it practical though.

The word you missed (while googling) is Caustics. In your first post (with picture) is a classic raytracing as known from the old internal renderer from blender. There is nothing of caustics there. As already mentioned by @0451 it doesn’t work with Eevee and I wouldn’t use cycles for it because cycles is not optimized for it. My recommendation would be LuxCoreRender.

Actually, I found this, maybe that’ll do it.