Transparent material is “see through” when rendered in Cycles

So I have a model that is separated into a few pieces and each piece has it’s own material, the nose piece has a material transparency problem. I have the nodes set up correctly but the material only turns transparent when in Material Preview mode and when I use “Alpha Blend” in the blend mode options, in Cycles Render it makes the material “see through”.

Now the weird thing is that the material stays black when switching to the other blend modes… but turns transparent when I move the nose piece slightly. I could fix it by moving the nose piece veeery slightly but I would rather not.

Are you use AMD Radeon?

If yes, welcome to Blender’s bad OpenCL codes hell.

Try CPU render.

And don’t use Material Preview mode. It is more slow than Render Preview.

Thanks, I might try that later but for now I found a workaround. I just used a second UV map, which I didn’t know I could do.