Transparent Materials Workflow from Cycles to EEVEE from 2.79

I’m working on a project that I had previously made in Cycles in 2.79 and I’m looking to do some rendering in EEVEE in 2.8, most things are working fine and I’m playing it as safe as I can by working in 2.79 and only using 2.8 to render.

Obviously each time I load the file in 2.8 there a bunch of things that I need to change and I’m slowly finding workarounds but one of my biggest stumbling blocks is transparent materials, I know that when you open 2.8 you need to change the Blend Mode in the material Options tab to Alpha Blend but a few of my materials are linked and I don’t have direct access even if I make a proxy. I see in 2.79 there is a similar tab in the Cycles material settings but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Is there a way that I can make sure that when EEVEE loads the materials that it is ready render the transparency correctly?


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in the eevee setting, active the " screen space reflection " tab and inside of it active " refraction ", then in the material tab let the blending mode to opaque but active Screen space refraction


That seems to just result in the same outcome as changing to Alpha Blend plus as the file is Linked I still can’t change those settings in 2.8.

You are essentially asking about being able to control your Eevee material settings in 2.79. This is not possible.

I guess you could put it like that but I’ve set up a lot of shaders in 2.79 that translate pretty perfectly in EEVEE because they are using the principled shader, you could re-word the question ‘how do I best setup a shader that has transparent areas in 2.79 to work in EEVEE?’

I was wondering why my glass is totally opaque and not transparent until this thanks for the heads up.


i’ll ask here since i don’t want to start a new thread.
is there a quick way to have transparency per object in the workbench engine? i am trying to do a retopo but couldn’t figure it out, the only closest thing is X-Ray mode which make the whole scene transparent…i want only the low mesh to be semi-transparent not everything.

maybe do the retopo on eevee ?

i tried it and it’s very slow when using heavy meshes…workbench engine is much faster, it just needs a way to change mesh opacity.

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Thanks, very helpfull
Can you help me with keeping the reflective image in world view from rendering in the background. In 2.79 there was a transpancy box to check off are on.

In the shader editor, go to the World shader and add a Light Path node. Check the ‘Is Camera Ray’ box and add it as the Fac input to a mix node. Add your environment image to the first input and whatever you’d like to display in the render to the second input.