Transparent Object

Hello, i’ve been using blender (with Cycles Render) and when I apply the material Glass on an object it really stays transparent, I can see through it but the other side stays dark, like if the light didn’t pass through the glass and for what i’m doing I need the light to go through it, how can I make that?

Sorry for my english but it isn’t my native language.

Umm… Could you put the .blend file here?

  1. Open the Attachments menu 2. Click add files and search the file from your Computer 3. Press the button insert online after you have selected the file.

I have already a few objects in that blender file but I think that you can understand with this imagem: behind the place where the glass is broken you can see an white with light,but behind the glass the white have no light, the light doesn’t reach there (as if instead of glass, it was a material without transparency)

Supply a demo blend file so you don’t waste other peoples time as they have to use guesswork.

That screenshot misses out approximately 99% of all the useful information that your blend file contains.

No need to be rude my friend!:no: Remember you are a moderator and your job is to help!

qwerty.blend (495 KB)

there’s an exemple, no matter how much strength you put in the sun light, the material behind the glass (left side) will always stays without light, while the same material but without glass in front (right side) works as it should… What I want is that the glass let the light pass through it (like in real life…) I know I probably explained in a confused way but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say…
Hope helps.

That’s exactly that, thanks! And I didn’t understood what you meant with unapplied scales…
… so that there are ones in this box. Could apply rotation also while at.

I tried it and I saw that it puts everything with the value of 1, but I don’t see what difference it will make in modeling nor at the final result…

Weird things can happen when you model or do texturing on objects with unapplied scale(rotation, less, location). There’s too much to tell about all of it. Just make sure you do and you wont run into surprises down the road.

I don’t see anything that I would describe as rude in Richard’s comment, and furthermore I would like to point out that although he is a moderator, all his time and effort are contributed on a volunteer basis; he is not paid and it’s not his ‘job’.
Sometimes people used to interacting with the help staff of commercial software don’t know that about this forum.