Transparent over Transparent

I have a problem with two transparent Objects. My logo is on a plane with alpha and this is over a transparent material (the packaging). As you can see on the picture the border of the “logo plane” is visible. Could someone help me to fix this?

Make sure the transparent color is 100% white.

The Color ist 100 % white.

Use your Logo and make it an alpha Mask… in this case I had an image on an alpha background and White in this case … needed to invert for pattern… add a transparency shader and leave the alpha tab on Principled to 1, in texture settings set to Alpha Blend…

Sorry but i do not get your results. Could you provide me your blend file? Are you using Cycles Render engine?

It works in either Eevee or in cycles…Does your label have a transparent background ie Alpha Channel? I assume it does…and perhaps you might have to remove the inverting node…

File Here

it is a 2.82 version in cycles