Transparent Patterns to make image look cooler?

Hey guys. I’m wondering if those half transparent patterns you sometimes see in images are made by the artist or if you can download them (in a repository or something)? here’s an example of what i mean: - great work @ndy!

I know theres more but i don’t want to look for them now, thats just one that i knew of.

Thanks for your help.

well, you could just right click on the picture and save as and use that. that would be called pirating and theft of intellectual property. if you google for royalty-free image textures, you will find a million. If you find a site that has the perfect ones for you, bookmark it. and have fun. But there is a little thing we call talent, and skill, that makes a picture nice to look at.

Google for tutorials on skin textures, you will see that they are built up using transparent layers, starting with blood, then skin, then freckles, etc. In addition to transparent layers, there are also textures used for oilyness (spec) and bumpiness/roughness (nor).


Not sure if its what you guys meant, but I’m not talking about the skin (although those tutorials sound really really helpful), I’m talking about the patterned lines put in post pro.

Rambo: I have paint shop, but I’m not very good at the vector side yet. I’ve had a few goes but it ends up looking like sea-weed. I’m downloading mapzone now. looks like it could be really helpful for texturing in indigo!

I’ve found a few nice ones on but i’m always searching.

Whoa, that looks quite impressive. Thanks for the link, I’ll need to check that out…[/end thread hijacking]


Mel, thos could be Bezier circles, add->curve->Bezier Circle. and subdivide to get more points. Or, start with a curve, and ctrl-click to add on more points.