transparent pictures

i have a background picture and a picture in front of it (one of several.)
when i alpha the picture it makes a hole in the background!
am i doin’ something wrong?

i hope to have several pics appearing and disapearing - but not affecting the other pics

thanks all

Maybe you should enable ZTansp in transparent material.

thanks - that did it - but only so far.
using the graph thing i lowered it to zero - even -1
but there was still a trace of the picture there when i clicked animate and watched it work.
and in the avi movie

see attached

Note - in blend file change picture from SB1 to SB1A- smaller pic


transparent test.blend (135 KB)

Sorry but no images packed into .blend file.

Under Ray Transp tab try to lower to 0 SpecTra parameter.

If you want achieve clean look with no lights affection you may set all materials to Shadeless.
However I don’t know what you want to do - just presentation? - if so go as I said.
You can adjust Brightness and Contrast under Colors tab of proper texture.

this - with pinnacle studrio will be a DVD menu
thanks for your help

thanks - yes that solved the vanishing problem
where do i make them Shadeless.
on the background i unselected shaded so the pic in front would not casta shadow on it
so the light does show

Under Material tab, over color pickers there is Shadeless button.