Transparent plastic cup

Hi guys,
Im trying to make a transparent plastic shader but everything i try comes out looking like glass. (cycles)
Can a nodemaster help me out please? Here is a reference photo of the material im trying to replicate:

Thank you in advance for your time and help!


It would be nice to see what you are actually trying rather than you asking us to do it from scratch. However, try adding just a hint of roughness to both reflections and to the transmission values. Typically, plastic is not as crisp as glass.

On your example there’s also colour separation (dispersion) in the reflections (similar to oil). This can be achieved with some node work, but can get very complicated once you go down the rabbit hole. For starters, take a look at You probably want to apply the technique to reflection rather than transmission.

Oh, and don’t use the glass shader. Principled shader will give you more control.

I would go further - don’t use glass shader, set it up manually, where you mix in the absorption things you want with the refraction. That way glossy is handled in the end/layed on top as it should be. The absorption could be any mix of refraction, diffuse+translucency, diffuse+sss, maybe driven by some factor. If plastic is stressed due to production method, it may become turbulent in certain stress areas only, so maybe use pointiness? There really is no guaranteed “this will work” for a textual description of a problem.

I would stay away from Principled in this case, as there are certain things it just doesn’t do. And the glossy should be on top anyway, so you can’t just mix it. And yeah, it can get really complex, as you need to consider the shadows as well if not relying on caustics.