Transparent PNG Planes

Hi guys,

This is similar to a question I asked before. I have some simple text that casts shadows onto a plane. I would really like for blender not to render the plane, but make it transparent so I can use the transparent PNG on my website. (By “transparent”, I don’t mean Raytracing transparency, I mean PNG transparency)

I know how to make the World transparent, but that doesn’t help since I really want the shadows, which means I need a plane.


Turn on “OnlyShadow” on the plane.

On the plan you want the shadow on. Turn on “TraShadow” in SHADERS.

I have a question… How do i make a PNG that dont have a white edge? eny one who can help me??? I know how to make a selection cut in photoshop, but when i take the PNG to blender it have a white egde around…


when you import the PNG texture, click the “PreMul” button. This removes the white boarder