Transparent Renders

I have created a model with a transparent material, so that other objects can show through a little bit. I exported it as a PNG with RGBA channels, so that the rendered image is also transparent. However, the output image has the background fully transparent, and the model fully opaque, even though the model in Blender is really transparent. Does anyone know of any way to cause the transparency in the material affect the alpha of the rendered PNG?

works for me. start with default file. assign a material to the cube. slide the A slider to .5. select PNG RGBA. Save image. when viewed in the UV/Image Editor with Alpha display enabled, the alpha is there for the cube.(click and drag over the image to see the RGBA values).

Do you have ZTransp or RayTransp pressed? Is the Material Alpha slider at 0.00? Is the Texture mapped th Alpha in the MapTo tab? That’s about all I can think of. If it’s no help you could post the blend.


My problem was that I had it set to RayTransp instead of ZTransp. Works now that I have it on ZTransp, thanks!

(And the attachment thing only seems to allow you to upload pictures - no Blends)

I have also a “transparent” question. I’ve made a render of a structure but the background has to be transparant. I have figured that one out but I want to see the shadow of the structure too. I’ve put a plane but I can’t get the sahdow without the plane … What am I doing wrong ?

You make the plane using a “shadow-only material.” This causes us to render the shadows that will be cast upon the surface, but not the surface itself.

For the Plane that shows the Shadows, In the Shaders tab in F5 click “Only Shadow” and if your Textures (on the Structure Object) are mapped to Alpha click “TraShad” (on the Plane).


okay guys, it works fine as you described. Thanx for helping out !