Transparent Shadows

I cannot get them to work with Theeths OR Ztonzy’s build.

I have Transparent Shadows selected in the material settings
I have ZTrans selected in material settings
I have Ray and Shadow selected in render buttons
I have RayShadows selected in lamp settings

I asked over in the thread in News and Chat but did not find any (working) answers.

Thanks for you help


You need to have transparent shadows switched on for the material receiving the shadows, not casting them. This is not very user friendly, but the raytrace stuff is still development work-in-progress. As mentioned in ztonzy’s thread, use it at your own risk!

I also had this problem until I read one of the posts under news and chat. I only seems to work if the samples setting for the lamp/spot = 1

I DLed the raytrace build and i still cant find the transhad button! i got the raytrace to work. but could any1 post a pic showing its loc? or is there another build i need to DL? The question seems newbieish but i jus cant seem to find it. plz help

Thanks for the responses all! Finally got it working…and yes, it is extremely fittful, but that should change soon.


I only have theeth’s build.

When I download the monkey blend that Ton posted I can render with trans shadows.

When I make a new blend with the exact settings for lamps, materials, etc (including the whole Transp Shad on the object recieving the shadow)… It won’t render the transp shadows.

When I open the monkey blend, delete all the objects from all the layers, add my own stuff with the same settings as in my new blend… it works.

Issue with Theeth’s build? I though it was wierd.

Did you enable Shadow and Ray in the Scene settings?

I forgot to do that yesterday (well, it was 2 AM, but still…) and I lost quite some time trying to figure out what was wrong.


Yeah, the shadow and ray are set. It’s not just your build on this PC. I just downloaded ztonyzs(?) and it’s the same.

I must be messing something up! I have a pad of paper where I wrote down each setting from each of the blends, and they are identical.

It must be me or the PC.

Never you mind, you just keep on coding and supporting the community. My post looked like it was too negative toward you, I hold nothing but admiration for your work.

We will just leave it at that I am a screw up and can’t wait for an official BF build of this stuff.


Did you check the settings from the hidden raytracing panel? Especially the Fresnel values.

It’s rather hard to get transparent shadow working, hopefully it will all be made easier in the official release.



I am totally lost. I like the ray casted shadows. I am working on a project with some comics. I’d like to have the comic characters applied to planes as textures. With transparent shadows they look good, without I have to use the regular buffered shadows.

It’s not like I want mirrored balls with glass cubes reflecting a tiled floor. I am going for the effect of stop motion animation without all the plasticine and models.

EDIT: I got it to work at home, after my own compile… I will try that version at work. Maybe the on-board Intel Extreme Graphics suck… what am I saying, of course they do!

thanks for enduring my whining. .