Transparent shadows

I’ve modelled this eye. The iris is a separate object. The schlera overlaps the iris and should be casting a shadow on it, but doesn’t. The eyeball texture is a blend with the end of the colorband set to transparent where the cornea occurs. I have set the iris material to receive transparent shadows, and I’m using raytracing. So, any suggestions as to why there isn’t a ring of shadow around the outside edge of the iris? Lamp is a spot and casts shadows elsewhere. Textures are not final - I know they don’t look so great at the moment.

ETA I’ve just had a thought. The eyeball material is set to transparent. The opacity of the schlera is provided by the blend texture. Does Blender recognize this, for shadow casting purposes?


Set the material of the iris to ‘receive transparent’.

Looks good though - mabe look into reflection mapping for more realism :smiley:

This is the latest. Managed to fake the caustic. And changed the eye colour. There might be some shadowing, a bit hard to tell.