Transparent surface: Separating light cone from the object on which it fall

I’m looking for an option to separate and capture the light cone from the object on which it fall.
Similar to when hiding a surface yet preserving a shadow casted upon.

Is this possible in Blender?
My intention is to apply a given image in the background layerwise in either PhotoShop or Gimp.

Kind regards, Mikael

Guess it can… … if i get it correct.

Bingo. Thats the very thing! Thanks, friend.

(1) The setup also goes for other lamp types, ie. Point
(2) No proporties for the “transparent plane object” hit by ray is needed

Its was of course a node matter: I’ll study your cool setup and hopefully lessen my lack of node editing experience :wink:

Kind regards,

Hello Eppo (or maybe others)
I know I tagged this thread as solved, but perhaps I could address you again for further instructions? I’m indeed not very skilled in node editing (yet), so …

Could I please ask you to stipulate what you are doing node by node (check image)?

Kind regards, Mikael