Transparent texture emission in cycles?

Hi ! Long time not coming there…
I have a question about cycles !

My character have glowing tattoos. I was using Blender Render and it was easy to make them glow, as I uncheck color and check emit + indirect lighting.

But… i don’t find how to have a transparent texture emission in cycles.

This is what I get: (Cycles Render + Node editor)

And this is what I want: (Blender Render)

As Cycles have better lighting options, can someone tell me how to have the same result as Blender Render but in Cycles Render? ^^ (The texture used is a transparent .png with only the white tattoos on it)

Thanks in advance ! It’ll help me a lot !


No .blend file supplied with your post !

Try using the texture alpha as the mix factor

Here are the ressources.
I tried, but it didn’t work. And when I turn off ambiance occlusion, it lights nothing :confused:

stc=1stc=1 cycles_emission_pudding_test.blend (596 KB)