Transparent textured plane in Cycles solid or texture mode

I have placed a textured plane in front of another object and I want this plane to be transparent in Cycles working mode (textured mode). Is this possible?

Yes, but only in a disappointingly hacky way. Go into Blender Internal and set the object’s alpha value to some low value. That should make it accordingly transparent in textured view. Then pop back into Cycles and it should maintain this value. I haven’t found a way to set it from Cycles the way you can in BI.

Well, that doesn’t work for me -I can’t make it transparent in Cycles textured or material mode (only in Cycles Render and Blender Internal texture mode) .

Like I said, it’s pretty hacky. I can’t get it to work anymore either. I haven’t tried that trick in several months, so it may have even been a mildly beneficial side effect of some bug that I happened upon. I think viewport transparency just isn’t really supported in Cycles at the moment.

Thanks for trying to help. It is also good to know what is and what isn’t supported.