Transparent textures and projection painting

I am trying to projection paint my character model in blender 2.59 and I am having trouble getting the paint texture to work how I want it to. I made a texture in photoshop with black dots on a transparent background. I just want to paint the black dots on my model without anything else but I cannot figure out the settings in blender. I loaded the image as a paint texture, loaded that image for the brush texture in texture paint mode, and started painting. However, when I do this it paints white dots on a black background. Also the texture does not look right in the preview. Can anyone help me out?


Usually, if i use a png that has a transparent background, i need to disable “Interpolation”

And the alpha seems to work when i paint

If i don’t disable “Interpolation”, instead of showing my texture with transparent background as a brush, it will paint just solid black.

But i don’t understand your problem without seeing your settings or your blend with the texture packed, as if your texture is black dot on transparent background, it shouldn’t paint white dot on black background if you use it as a brush

The interpolation setting was where the problem was. Thanks for the advice!

Apologies for the thread necromancy, but I have some good news!

I submitted a code patch for this problem today and it has been applied to the trunk. This means that this problem will be fixed in the next release of Blender, and you can get a fix earlier by going to and downloading any build with a revision number of 43088 or later.