Transparent Texturing

I am trying follow a Tut about creating a plane, putting a .png file on it and making the transparent bits transparent.
The Tut is
which was written for 2.45 and I’m using 2.46 and I’m hoplessly stuck as a lot of the buttons are either missing/disappered/hiding somewhere.
I have my plane. I have loaded my .png file. The tut says “under the 'Texture Face” tab, click the ‘Alpha’ button to make your plane transparent where it should be based on the image’s alpha map."
2.46 has No Texture Face tab with Alpha button (lots of others, I don’t know which)
Tut also says “click ‘Twosided’ so your plane will show the image on each side.”
No Twosided button either. (If there is, I can’t find it.)
How can I do this? I’ve been at this for two days now and getting nowhere!