Transparent video background


How to make a background of the video expl2.blend (592.4 KB) transparent?

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hello, hard to say as there are no video packed, but you have enabled the Transparent option in Render > Film so it should work?

The video is there, go frame 3 and … Transparent in film ticked, format, encoding are correct

For example, this video -->, how to make it transparent?

How to remove the black background?
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Your Google file: “Access denied.” Instead of downloading can you maybe post a screenshot?

If that’s the case, you rendered out to a format that doesn’t have an alpha channel, most likely any of the “movie” formats. If so, re-render out as an appropriate image sequence (PNG, TIFF, anything that can contain an alpha channel).

Before you render out the entire sequence, render just one frame. If you see your particle system on a “checkboard” background in the Blender window, it’s correct and has an alpha channel.

I’ve rendered as a .png

with RGBA

I haven’t tested it myself, but the manual talks about which codecs (video codecs included) support an alpha channel. Here’s to a link about it in another thread:

I followed this video --> Very good tutorial.