Transparent Video Texture

I was wonder if it’s possible to render a video in Blender with transparency and then have it used as a movie texture on a plane. If it is possible, what file formats and codecs would work?

The two most common formats with transparency are an image sequence with something like .png or for video quicktime Animation codec (large file size so not really suitable for a game)

Uv texture animations work as well,

what size is each frame?

what is the use case?

I was thinking of using tranparent video sequences for fancy GUIs and overlays. So, instead of a menu just appearing, a menu would appear and then expand to the final dimensions. I was hopeing to be able to use high res pictures, but nothing more then 3 seconds in legth.

Property Animus=0-------------and-----------------Animus=1

Animus min 1 max 99-----------and--------------add 1 to Animus

Animus is changed-----------python


you can scale and manipulate in game :smiley:

Steaming hot .blend fresh from the oven



ScaleMAgic.blend (436 KB)

You can set a bge.texture.FilterBlueScreen

Be aware the color channels are 0…255 in difference to 0.0 … 1.0 in Blender.

with bge.texture.FilterBlueScreen can be eliminated (the by default) blue backgound color of videotexture?

You can make any color (respective a color range) transparent. Default is full Blue [0,0,255].

Be aware, the resulting output will be the object color unless you make your object transparent.

Do you have a example?. There are no good documentation about this.

Be aware the filter must be assigned to the source before assigning the source to the testure

The basic code is:

def createFilter():
   filter = bge.texture.FilterBlueScreen()
   filter.color = [0,0,0]
   filter.limits =  [32, 32]
   return filter

then you apply the new filter to your video source:

def applyFilterToSource(source):
   source.filter = createFilter()

Here is an quick example:


DynamicTextureDemo1.1_withFilter.blend (99.8 KB)

Thank you Monster.
But it looks some different to your screenshot
There is a error in, in the line 21:

invalid literal for int() with base 10

Could it be the property “filter.color” contains such a string “[0,…”. It should be without the “[” simply “0,0,255”.

I expect the top and lower cube still show a texture even with that filter error. The gray material is a sign that something didn’t worked.

[edit] Oh yes, I forgot the other files. Please grab the video and the image from here: Dynamic Texture
or use an own video file (set the file name in the property “video”)

Thank you Monster.
Maybe I can do some interesting with this. :eyebrowlift2: