how do i make something transparent?

i have paint shop pro 4 se
and adobe photoshop elements

first: don’t use paint shop pro for this, it sucks
[actually, it is just a pain to do it]

okay, so create a transparent image in photoshop, say 256x256 pixels

paint some random stuff, the grey/white grid in the background is transparent

save as a .tga

open in blender [same way as loading any other image texture for the game engine] and apply to a mesh in usual manner

with those faces still selected still in face select mode: in the paint buttons [now in edit buttons] press the alpha button, then copy drawmode.

even if you can’t tell that you can see through them in the 3d view [the color of the texture should be grey of the background of the 3d view, or you would be able to see through], when the game engine is run you should be able to see through

now then, the warning about alpha faces in the game engine. the order they are drawn isn’t ideal. I.E, an object that is further away from the camera with alpha transparent faces could be drawn on top of the alpha faces of a nearer object. This can also happen in a single object.

some pictures and stuff [I wrote a script that tried to fix this, it is pretty much useless] at

i did everything and when i load it into blender the grey squares are replaced with white and i pressed “Alpha” and “copy drawmode”
then the plane has the texture on it and it does not have the grey like on text and it is opaque, in the game engine it is also opaque