Transperency settings

ok has anyone played lineage 2??? well in that game they have really good textures and i want them… but also they use a good texture transperency thing that makes it so that an object is transperent in some parts but completely solid in others like on grass and the tree branches.

i know most games do it and i hope blender can do it too. does it have anything to do with the calculating alpha channels thing?? right now the closest i can get is with the add transperency and making it so that parts that i want to be invisible r black but the light goes thru and it looks all bright and stupid. :frowning:

this has been a problem plaguing me for a while now it would be awsome if anyone could help me out

If you want a texture to have “holes”, you need a good image editor that will let you save images with an alpha channel.

Go here and check out the 2D graphics stuff at the top:

I think Gimp is good, but I wouldn’t know. I don’t use it.

Go into face select mode and select al the faces and set them to alpha using a texture with an alpha channel.

But in short, Blender can do it. Add is more for lighting effects. Alpha is what you need.

ty i will try gimp though i have no idea what to do lol