Transport Ship

(Fonix Wircs) #1

Somthing thatll get added my construction project in the FC forum.(got tired of modeling buildings) Probably horribly over detailed for how close it’ll be shown but I figured if im gonna make it, I better make it look good. :slight_smile:

I know the texture is kindof lacking, maybe I’ll get around to slapping some decals and such later. Anyways C&C always welcome.

(rohancorwyn) #2

Cockpit seat is missing… The plasma trails in the last image was missing too. Nice modelling, like a futuristic space bus or a rail-less subway train.

(Jacco) #3

still got the blend file?

(Fonix Wircs) #4

Actually its in there
Although there really isnt any controls you wouldn’t be able to tell once its in the final image of the city.

And yea i need to tweak the engine glow a bit but i dont want an over done “trail” out the back

still got the blend file?

Yes, what for?

(Jacco) #5

me for… %|