Transport Ship


Currently working on my next short film where it will be based about a crew of 2 - 3 people traveling around the universe trading wares, when they get sent on an adventure. This is the Transport Ship that I will be basing it all on. Obviously it is still a WIP

Front of the ship

The rear

What the cockpit will look like

I still need to create the landing gear at the bottom of this ship, the living quarters, and the main hanger/cargo hold out the back.

Below is the engine room that sits behind the cockpit.

technically realy good. but this ship doesnt have anything iconic. the enterprises, the defiant, the voyager, the falcon, the serenity, the galactica, even the tardis are ships everybody will remember. your ship is - sorry to say it - just a box.

That is some really good feedback and I’m not being sarcastic. Ill look into adding something a bit more unique, but thank you

This is the living area that sits under the engine room. Sorry for the noise but I rendered this on my laptop

The view from the hanger

I didnt change much, but I really do like how it looks