Transport Space Ship

i’m following this forum as reader for some weeks and now i’m posting my last work. I’m a programmer, not a modeler, so i’m not much skilled :expressionless:
Becuase i like to create videogames (try to) and i cant find anyone to model things for me i’ve started some times ago to learn how to model. i’ve choose Blender because it’s free and (after the first difficult approach) is a good tool to do 3d models also because it’s being developed.
The ship below is from a space strategic game i’m doing. It’s a test, not a final work (no textures and missing parts). It’s an hybrid of two technologies/races so it has a strange shape :wink:
Below it there’s a test for a wallpaper for the game.
Any suggestions?
Thanks :slight_smile:

please don’t post superlarge x überlarge images directly :frowning:
better make links to them.

tell me some details about the technology for this transport. what’s this odd nucleon like looking thingy in the back?

I’m a programmer, not a modeler, so i’m not much skilled

same goes for me ^^

it’s some kind of engine that distorts the space forming a black hole and uses that state to have propulsion and energy. the trasparent globe is the “net” that force the distortion to not propagate around the universe :slight_smile:

Did you create that planet? I really really like it. How did you do it?

As for the ship, you seem to have some 100% 90 degree angles. In reality, this is impossible (the frame of your monitor might be a good example). Bevel the edges a bit.

The ship is very good! But i didn’t like that strange thing behind the ship.
And what about that planet…did you create that planet?