Transportation and C++

Well first off here is a new model I am making for my blender game tell me what u think about it here is the link :

I think I kinda messed up the body abit near the stomach anyway that’s my current work.

and this forum dose not has c++ it’s my program my team and me are making command ++ I toke awhile to answer back cause we had alot of bugs while compiling tommorow we will release power stomp the engine’s image editor. I will be uplaodind how to use it ect… and pic’s of it later right now I am too busy and I gtg in 2 min to collage :frowning: lol I dont wana be late cya all :wink:


um …what that image supposed to be of? and the texturing is a 'lil messed up

and I cant wait for its release

The hair effect is nice, but what was it again?