Travel Photography (Hello again :)

Hi everyone!

Just a few days ago, I returned home from a solid 3 months of travelling in South East Asia. I wish I could have stayed to continue the adventure, but unfortunately the money’s run out and I’ve got to look for a new job :confused: So now I guess people will start pestering me again with bugs or WIP updates :stuck_out_tongue:

While I was away, I did a fair bit of photography - about 26 rolls of film. The time away from the computer screen, playing with nice tactile mechanical technology was a breath of fresh air and well needed - I really recommend giving it a try some time. Anyway, I scanned my favourite photos for some friends and I guess some of you guys are my friends too, so please feel free to have a look!



Those are some very nice pictures broken.

Some good modelling references too. :wink:


WOW! :o

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. They’re really something unique…

Cruel cruel cruel.

The photos of Halong Bay were ace, but then again, the place is simply amazing and so beautiful. And Angkor and Hanoi and the islands and and and… the air is so warm and thick and the Mekong is so awesome and its just such an amazing part of the world. Thanks very much for sharing these photos. Lots of local flights I assume.

i would like to travel around the world someday…

Thanks, I’m glad you found them interesting!

BgDM: Yes, maybe you can guess at some of my future projects now :slight_smile:

GCat: Although I spoilt myself with a couple of flights, I was definitely travelling on a tight budget, so it was mainly overland buses. Most memorable was definitely the trip from Vientiane in Laos, to Hanoi, crammed in to tiny hard seats (I’m 190cm tall) of a 1960s era bus, air conditioned by the hot breeze blowing in the open window, over mostly unsealed bumpy roads through the mountains, taking a total of about 26 hours! Definitely a beautiful and lovely part of the world.

I’m very impressed! Those journeys (and especially that one I’m told) take a lot of stamina + a well developed ability to deal with fear + an arse made of steel. But the buses are colorful and lively and even if your bum is numb, your mind is alive [!] Tarmac is a surprisingly effective and useful invention.

Might see if I can dig out a few photos sometime.

Nice pictures.

Some beautiful scenery. Did you do any post processing of the scanned pictures?

Curious as to what type / make of camera you used?