Travel the body - with miniaturization!

So heres a small project I deem finished.

2.3 hours in yafray on a 2300mhz Athlon XP - 1 gig ram.
I think the image is self-explanatory so I’ll leave it at that :slight_smile:

Higher resolution here:

C &C are as usual welcome :slight_smile:

edit - I just now realize that is an actual address - no affiliation :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, great idea. nice retro-feeling. And the render itself is pretty awesome too.

Great idea, and great render! (Reminded me of the movie “Inner Space”.) My only thot: I would change the tag line “now with reduced risk of pre-expansion!” to read “now with reduced risk of premature expansion!”… just nitpicking, tho. Excellent work, Claws!

Typo: Should be “Explore the body” not “Explorer.”

Great image and idea. I like the mix of future-tech with a quasi Victorian feel on the submarine. Was there any post-pro?


Thx for the coments! :slight_smile:

mzungu: changed that just for you :smiley:

CD38: my god man you’re right! corrected it - thx for bringing it up :slight_smile:

Only post-pro was the lettering done in The Gimp

again, thx for the comments :slight_smile:

What a nice image and composition, water ligthing is very good too, did you use the big white emiting planes trick? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see some polys in the needle end, needs more subdivition :frowning:

ZanQdo: Thx, I did just that (emit plane) - someone else in WIP forum pointed out that the needle looked jagged so I tried subsurfing it; rendertimes grew to about ten-fold :o So it was a sacrifice I had to make.

The render itself is great, but I don’t like the composition of the rest.

You used the same font and font color for all the text, which doesn’t work very well for an advertisement like that. Also, the “Now with Reduced…” doesn’t fit very well right there, it looks like it was just randomly placed on it to take up space.

Another thing that might look good is if you created a fake logo for the Body Travel company and use it somewhere on there. And lastly, there should be a period at the end of the “Visit…” part.

It’s a great concept though, very funny :]

This could just be me, but it took me a minute to see that the needle was what it was…

Oh yeah, that’s another thing. There’s something about the picture that makes the needle look waaay too big. I think it’s the water droplets. I’m not a water expert, but I don’t know if such a small amount of water would look like that.

What if it’s not water cause water only goes like that cause of surface tension or viscosity or something like that so if it was something with a different surface tension or whatever its call droplets could be smaller or bigger

Awesome! Great theme

Excellent idea, awesome picture! :slight_smile: I really like it. Especially the water is really great; the way it sticks to the floor is very realistic.

Minor crit: The needle point entrance shows some `non-roundness’ at te top.

I loved it in the WIP (or was it FC?) section and I love it here. Always good to see a good peace with a minor comic element to it.

Thx for the positive comments and constructive critizism, its always nice to get a little recognition :slight_smile:

sqthreer: I agree with you and you have some valid points - there are two reasons behind the composition: 1: I wanted to keep the render easy on the eyes - 2’nd: I don’t know much about advertising and composition of such; you are welcome to make a mockup of how you think it should have looked like :slight_smile:

heres a link for the render without the text:

You may already know this. A hypodermic needle tip is very sharp and angular, like this:

Scary, huh?