Anyone do alot of traveling? Where do you guys go and what’s it like? I’ve been doing alot quite recently.

Last spring I went to Nassau in the Bahamas. At the end of the summer I spent two weeks in California and had a great time. :smiley: Last night I just got back from Orlando, Florida. That was a tiring trip. This Friday, I’m leaving for Dallas, Texas. That ought to be fun.

Next spring, I’m going to Atlanta, Georgia and Arizona. :smiley:
Any of you guys do this much traveling? Or been to any of these places?

I travel every day. My uni is about an hour’s train ride away from where I live. Together with walks/bus-rides to the actual institute it’s about 2 hours. Does that count as travelling? :wink:

Over the summer I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Florida and with another uncle just south of Washington D.C. On December 18 I’m leaving for Israel and not coming back till the 1st of '06.


me and some friends have been planning a trip for some month, we’re going to kissimi/florida on january 8 for a week. well we’re going to universal studi, walt disney, watever :stuck_out_tongue: gonna be fun as hell. Never went there.

Next summer we plan on making a road trip down to Virginia beach. Should be fun too.

Sounds like fun. Need more info!

At the beginning of last summer some friends and I took the train from Philadelphia to Utah. The train ride took three days, and there aren’t any facilities for taking a shower (so after three days everyone smells pretty awful). But the ride is fun. They play a couple of current movies in the evenings and you meet some interesting people on the train (like Amish folk).

As we went down into Utah from Colorado, the train conductor got on the mic and started telling great stories about the area and pointing out various landmarks. He even pointed out a Bald Eagle’s nest. We saw the mother eagle but none of the chicks. First time I’d ever seen a Bald Eagle in real life (not on the telly or in a magazine, etc.). The nest was huge, about the size of a small car it seemed.

My aunt and uncle have a house on the side of the mountain in Spanish Fork (which is about 10 minutes south of Provo on I-15). They invited us over for dinner. My friends said that was the best part of the trip. My aunt and uncle are a riot --I always enjoy spending time with them.

After a few days of meandering about Provo and Orem (visiting other friends and touring BYU) we drove up to a little town called Duchesne (pronounced du-shein) up near Vernal (all in the lower of the upper-right corners of Utah). The drive up there was in the evening and night, and apparently all the wild herds were moving. We saw at least a thousand deer and elk grazing along the side of the road.

There we visited even more friends, went horseback riding, visited various dinosaur museums, went hiking, and just relaxed and wandered around.

I got a chance to replace my old hat (which was falling apart) with a new one made out of a more durable skin, so I’m happy about that.

We also saw Star Wars: Episode III while there (we’re big SW junkies).

We helped one of my friends move into her new home. She had just gotten married and her husband’s stuff needed packing and moving – but it was only about 500 feet away so we just loaded everything on a flat trailer and drove back and fourth over the mud. He’s a local police officer, so it was really funny going through his house. We found cuffs and badges and certificates and almost everything (except guns and ammunition) in random places, particularly money. We just stuffed it all in a jar and gave it to him when he got home and joked that if anyone tried to rob him he’d come home before they could finish the job!

In all it was a good trip. I don’t get to travel as much as I used to anymore so I’m pleased to have been to the edge of Starvation and back with a smile on my face!

Embarassingly, I’ve never been out of Scotland! Who needs traveling to foreign type places when you have the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to explore. I’m certainly keen to explore the Islands of Scotland though, Skye, Arran, Shetland, Orkney etc.

Too much to see!

I live in New Zealand. Why the hell would i want to go anywhere else? :stuck_out_tongue:

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But isn’t it full of Orcs and Snow Queens? :wink:

I’ve travelled in the UK quite a lot - been to Cornwall many times, Wales a couple, the Lake District a couple and the Peak District this year. Oh, and Norfolk and London. I believe I went to Jersey as well, though I was about five at the time. Of course, I’ve travelled round the South a great deal, living there!

In the USA, I’ve been to Florida three times, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York (though I don’t think that counts - we landed at Newark to get to CT :wink: ).

As far as Europe goes, I went to Tossa de Mar (near Barcelona) for a school watersports trip 7 years ago, and also to Northern France and Belgium 4 years ago to see the battlefields for GCSE history.

And I think that’s about it…

But it’s always amazing how beautiful even ‘boring’ old England can be!

Now that I think about it, I actually travel over 1000km at least once a year. Whenever my family and I go back home to Poland. It’s about a 10-12h drive from here (Germany), depending on traffic. And I love it! People are a lot more open in Poland. Plus, I’ve never felt at home anywhere but in Poland, albeit never actually living there.

Apart from that, I’ve been to France a bunch of times, twice to Paris, once to the south, and a few times to odd places like Strassbourg. Was in Belgium once for a week in Euro SpaceCamp - the food was awful :o .

Also been in Rome for a class trip like 8 years ago or something. One of the best things about it was playing soccer in the Circus Maximus. Our hostel was about a five minute walk away. I’d love to go back there some day, awesome city.

Went to Barcelona for my graduation trip with my class for a week, it was awesome. That was one of the best times I ever had. We left the day after our exams were over, so you can imagine that from the people that went, only about 3 weren’t drunk or hungover at any given time :o . The clubs were awesome, especially the free one we ended up going to the most. The one by the docks, can’t remember the name :expressionless: . Oh, and not to forget those exotic Burger King meals, Italian pizza and Falafel - all delicious regional food %| .

Other than that I’ve been all around Germany and most of Poland. Been to Berlin, and a bunch of other German cities. I Poland, it’s mainly just Poznan and Gdansk (and Tczew, where my family lives). Both loads better than Stuttgart, where I live. But then again, any city is better than Stuttgart. Stuttgart’s a village. I know what I’m talking about, I was born there… :expressionless:

I get to travel around Asia a lot, but it’s mostly work. Can fill a passport in three years.

Favourite places out here are Bangkok, Taiwan and Macau. China reminds me of work so I holiday elsewhere.

Wish I had more time to see other places.