Travels - Impressionistic Nature Rendering

This scene depicts a cheerful little lady bug taking a trip across the meadow. I have recently been inspired by the tiny world around us that we take for granted, if we even notice it at all.

Created in 6 hours and rendered in 12, I enjoyed making this piece a lot. Final touchup done in Paint.NET, everything else in Blender 2.74. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Very nice image, great mood and great colors, but I think the bokeh particles are a little over the top.
Especially they seem to be concentrated in the middle, which is weird, but most of all there are too many of them, try putting some closer to the camera to have less distracting little white dots and bigger bokehs maybe? Or postprocessing them if thatโ€™s not the case ^^

Then again those plants are really well shaded, love it :wink: