Trawler Game

Trawler Game is a relax fishing with boats and nets. You start from the bottom and you have to work your way to the top. Earn money by selling fish and buy better equipments or you can hire a crew to work for you.

  • Fishing with nets
  • Earn money by selling fish
  • Buy boats and equipments
  • Hire a crew


Wow this is a really Great Game amongst the best blender games ive ever seen.
Nice job bge man congrats man im seriously looking forward to playin your game.

well, to say it in a nice way: you have a chance to keep contact with your customers making graphical updates.

True nice man.

You know what’d look good? Edge Split it up in here

Thank you for the comments! Game needs better graphics so… BIG graphic update coming soon! Here is some screen shots.


The models look great. Looking forward to see more boat models. Awesome!

New Graphics…Here is some screenshots of the new look. New trailer coming soon.


one more…


Graphics update is now ready and the old trailers are replaced with the new one!

Great job to you and youu team bge man! This is among the best games I have seen produced in Blender in awhile.
The new graphics look especially great and the gameplay looks fun too!
Good luck on getting greenlighted and looking forward to seeing more updates.