A character based on an animation that matius a.k.a. titonovich is planning, let me know what you think

the model looks pretty good, but i can’t really make out the details. mabey try fixing the lighting or a different texture

Cool! I like it, but I would suggest giving him/her/it a more detailed and apparent face. Right now its just eyes sticking out, but what about a mouth, maybe with sharp twigs for teeth? I think a more obvious face would suit this guy a lot. I love the model and the scene though! Good work!

XrQLz :wink:

Thanks for the comments, actually treants are supposed to pass unseen, eventhough they have faces and “human” form, you would think they are only trees, or thats what the tales used to say, anyway, heres a closeup on the face

not bad :smiley: I like the character.

There seems to be a gap on the inside of the eye. I noticed that right off the bat. The texture is missing a lot of depth due to lack of shading, but that is probably due to the fact that you renderd without AO or GI.

Cool though!