Treasure (+ a few issues)

I’ve decided to revising an old scene I was doing back in 2.49 days and render it in Lux this time. First this is the old render, just for fun (mind you, that was a long time ago):

Now, this is the new render:

Before I describe my problem, here are the render settings for Lux 1.04RC w/ luxblend25:

  • Bidirectional integrator with eye and light dephts set to 64.
  • Light path: Power
  • Light strat: Power
  • Metropolis sampler, large mutation 0.1 and max rejects at 30000 (tried with 10k and 20k as well, and there isn’t much difference in either speed or quality)
  • Other settings at default

Camera settings are as follows:

  • ISO 100
  • f8
  • Firefly rejection 5 (more causes my system to go out of memory)

Here’s the problem area:

As you can see, there is a considerable amount of fireflies present near the diamond, while the diamond itself lacks internal reflections and such.

So one of my issues is getting rid of fireflies. I’ve spent the whole day yesterday digging around wiki and googling for answers. I’ve tried lots of different settings for metropolis and bidir. I’ve tried exphoton, but shooting 2M caustic photons took a lot of time, so I gave up.

Another issue is getting internal reflection for the diamonds. Here are the settings I used for the diamond:

  • Glass2
  • Internal volume: Diamond (preset, no mods)
  • External volume: Air (also preset)

And here’s the model:

The object is shaded flat, not smooth, and no modifiers are added.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I am aware of the low resolution background problem, as well as poor texturing work on the mat. Those were done for a completely different situation and different target size, so I’ll have to redo them eventually, I know.

Still not quite happy with results. The diamonds are much better after a complete remodel, but I can’t get the realistic cnalde flame AND keep the rest of the lights. In the end, I might just remove the flame completely and photoshop it in later on. It doesn’t contribute much to lighting anyway. Also, still have to fix the backdrop texture, and work on the pearl material a bit more. Here’s what it looks after 11 hours of rendering so far, and (IIRC) 30 something spp.