Treasure box

Treasure box, rendered in cycles 200 samples.
What do you think of my project? And how can I improve the lighting?



few things i could tell about that (i wouldn’t make better myself but it will let you improve):

  • Maybe range of not blurred area is too small, even the left of the chest is blurry
  • there is a too big contrast between details: the chest and ground feel realistic, the wooed and lamp look cartoonish, i would chose one of the two
  • how can flowers grow in the shade of the planks?
  • i expect you have set a strong light that enlightens the whole thing and the one we see here. The overall one is so strong it makes the other one pointless, we can’t see any effect on the chest
  • It kind of feels like lacking background, as if we were asked to look at a wall 50cm away from it. I don’t know how to correct this one though

But for sure the drawing is going somewhere :slight_smile:

If this were a real photograph on my light table, I’d be reaching right now for my “cropping El’s” – two L-shaped pieces cut from a piece of picture-matte – to isolate “the picture within the picture.” Which is: “the box.”

Ruthlessly chop off the box below the lock, the entire left of the scene beyond a hint of flowers, and the slight bit of green beyond the torch. (And before doing that, “turn-off the green deck.”)