HI, all, I’m working on this still. There are some things I still don’t know how to do, since I’ve never had time to properly work on my Blender skills. So, please, all comments are welcome.

Things I plan to fix/do (but don’t yet know how to):

  1. Diamond looks like a piece of plastic
  2. Add some dirt and scratches on the lamp
  3. Add wear and tear on the mat
  4. Add motion blur to falling pearls
  5. Work more on the pearl material

If anyone has any advice on the items above (or anything else), please post them below by all means!

Here’s the .blend file:

Hi, I also suggest to place pearls on the ground to emphasize the falling of the pearls. To see that there are already pearls that fell on the surface. :slight_smile:

Damn, you’re right. I was meaning to do that, but forgot. :no:

Blur can be achieved from compositing(Use blur node)
Is that a tiny white flame on the lamp?? Use the compositor to make it loor better, and also make it bigger.

Thanks, DDD. I’ve managed to enable motion blur by using the option in the renderer and creating a bit of real motion. I’ve heard that it looks better that way. Thanks for the tip on flame. I’ve already made it larger (and a tip a bit more blunt), but I’ll definitely look into the compositor. I’ve never used it before, so if anyone knows a good place to start…

i wold suggest that you should not use subsurf at level 3
a max of 2 should be enough or it make render and working in blender vey slow

so i remove most of the pearl subsurf so it could work a bit faster in blender

now for the pearl go to the amterial repository there is a pearl material there
and use SSS to give better pearl look

but still the render seems to take for ever
i did remove also teh composite and sequence but still take a long time to render

any diea how to reduce thsi render time ?



I did use the pearl material from a repository. It just wasn’t good enough.

EDIT: I find that I am not able to modify the pearl material that was imported from the downloaded blend. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

these are done in the nodes edtior
so go the nodes edtior and you should be able to change the settings

any idea why it’s taking so long to render this scene ?

and what is on the left the big yellowish stone?


Big yellowish stone? I’ve got no idea. Anyway, I’m doing this in 2.5 Alpha 2 if that means anything. It took some 3 hours for the first full-size render I’ve posted above.

I’ve managed to come to a good looking pearl material after a bit of experimenting.

I’ll post the .blend file later.

The compositor is a must know blender tool!
Here is the best place to get started.
The introduction to the compositor tutorial by Andrew Price:

Heh, I just remembered that one after I hit Submit Reply. I wasn’t aware compositor UI is such a piece of cake. :slight_smile: Its possibilities are kinda scary, though.

I still haven’t figured out how to speed up the render, but it seems the SSS on larger objects is the main suspect. I’ve ticked the motion blurring and pearl material off.

I’m working on the flame right now, within the compositor. Gave it a small reddish glow. Waiting for the render to finish. Will update this post when it is.

I like this fire tut, if your fire doesnt come out looking too good

Um, I think I’ll try material nodes… after a failed attempt to master them earlier today. :slight_smile:

Here’s my first stab at compositing.

I’m working on the flame right now, and I think I’ve got the render time reduced by 2/3. 3 render layers seem to speed things up a lot, as well as reducing subsurf levels for most objects that had too many.

A question, though. How does one get shadows from objects on one render layer cast on objects from another? Namely, some of the falling pearls are on one layer, and I would like to get motion-blurred shadows cast on the mat.

It should do that automatically, and it looks like it did, you do have shadows under the pearls…

It didn’t do it, and I think it’d be insane if it did that automatically. It correctly processed shadows on pearls that are in the same render layer as the other objects, but not for the ones that are suspended mid-air, and I suppose that’s how it should work.

I’ll try to get the shadows using a transparent mat that only receives shadows… Meanwhile, Blender 2.5 A2 will no longer render my file. I have to restart that and check what’s wrong with it. It started crashing somewhere during the compositing step after I’ve flpped the flame and flame glow in mix node. :confused:

Lol that is why i dont use 2.5 :smiley:
For me it is actually even worse, it crashes every 2nd render:mad::mad:

I have this weird new thing, where I press ctrl+W every time I want to hit F12. :)))

Anyway, I don’t use Blender professionally (obviously), so it’s not a big deal. Although, I am trying to convince folks at work to adopt it. So far, they’ve been interested not because of stability, but because of price range. It’s $0, so it’s infinitely cheaper than competing products, no matter how cheap they are. :smiley:

Finally got Blender to behave. :slight_smile: Here’s the result with updated flame.