So, I got really bored tonight and made this. Mostly I was just playing around with the physics engine. Anyway, turned out kinda cool so I thought I’d post it.


Wow! Just one thing though: fix what it’s sitting on.

Yeah… there is that. If I get bored tomorrow I’ll come back to this and make an actual scene out of it. The background is pretty darn lame as it is.

No I mean it looked a little stretched.

Arrrrrrrr!! Pieces of eight!

Hey this looks great! I’m actually going to need to do something similar in my project with coins in a chest. Any way you could share your technique for the coins? (materials, textures, etc.) Cheers.

Tmcintosh, sure, really it was pretty easy to get this look. I am uv mapping an image onto the coins for the basic look. I’m using the same image for the normal map, and the reflection map as I only want the areas of the coin that are visibly gold to be reflective. I’m then using an hdri image for the reflections and some of the lighting in the scene. As far as post production goes, I’m using two glare nodes, one for the glow, and one for the streaks as well as a few other nodes for color grading and blur.