Tree Capsule

Hi everyone,
This is one of my first projects from start to finish in Blender. I’m looking for any constructive criticism or feedback on my image.

Rendered with cycles in 26 minutes with a GTX 770 @ 625 samples


I feel as though the image could use a “wow factor”. The image at the moment feels quite bland and somewhat boring. However you could make it a great image by using the compositor and anding small subtle effects that add up to an amazing image. You should think about adding a vignette and maybe some chromatic aberration. Are you using any HDRI images for lighting? If not you should think about that because it’ll give you much more realistic lighting which can help sell your image. Right now I can only see the one really strong light source and thats about it, so I think you should work on your lighting. However all that being said your image has the potential to be an amazing render.

Hi Luke,
Thanks for the feedback!
I am using and HDRI for the lighting, however I removed it to see what it would look like without, and then upon adding it back it did not look quite right. I’ll be doing some more testing on that.
I was also thinking of having the tree kind of transition from no leaves to a progression of different colors, but I am still working on that. I also plan on adding a vignette but I left it out for this render. The chromatic aberration seems very interesting and I’ll also look into that.

Once again, thanks for the feedback!

So I figured out that the HDRI map was set up as an image texture, not an environment so I fixed that up. also, I added a vignette and some light chromatic aberration on the whole image to see how it looks. Any critiques on that? I also managed to implement the progressing leaves however it is not as blurred as I hoped as I did it with the meshes instead of using the compositor. Any feedback on the new version?

Definitely looks a bit better now. I’d recommend using some Fresnel effects on the glass and the wooden base, just to get that slight halo of white around the edges.