tree[d] generator - script request

There’s nice free app, that makes nice low poly trees:

And here You can find out what’s it capable of:[d]

The problem is, it uses gile[s]’ *.gls file format and gile[s] itself is not free. At its website I found *.gls format specs, so thought that maybe some gifted blenderheads will check this and write python importer…

i’d love to help, but its a compiled format and I have no idea how to do this… I’m really not very good at pickling, or is there another way? hmm… I don’t know.

Erm… In the thread on this site you refer to, it states a way off being able to import these objects in to blender…
“it’s freeware but created files could be opened only in gile[s]. Then i save it to obj file and reopen in blender.”
So, no need to do any more wok on this as a working method exists!!!

what about the gen 3 tree script

You’re partially right Julesd-g6, but as I mentioned before, gile[s] is not free. One can always use demo version, but it has some limits AFAIK (The biggest one is that it’s demo, so can’t be used on and on). Besides it’s not picey if one would like to use it proffesionally, I just thought that such script could be usefull for enhancing Blender’s users free toolset

@ mandoragon - gen 3 tree script generates trees that are detailed meshes (at last leafs are clipped images), while tree[d] makes specific mixture of clipped bitmap’s billboards (whole branches, leafs) and meshes (trunks) which are safe for Your hardware memory when making game environment or rendering distant trees.

At last it doesn’t look so hard to make tree[d] like tree model by hand, but using generator one can make bunch of various geometries with different proportions (young tree, old tree, oak type shape, willow one like, etc.) ,in really short time without tweaking models vertex by vertex. The most important is tree’s overall shape and proportion, the rest is just texture.

not sure, If I really understand, but surely you could use gen 3 to create a tree, render it and then take its alpha image and use it in a game…

Or edit the python script for gen 3 so when generating the tree it does the above instead of importing the mesh straight into the scene…

Could you explain a bit more what your trying to do?

I don’t mean simple plane with alpha mapped image,
check *.blend from first post of this thread:[d]