Tree Frog - Update


I am modeling a red eye frog to be used in a composition. There is still much work before it is finished but I would like your first impression on the already available result, what about the body and expression. Texture has to be improved but I think I will use this one as a base.

It looks very good, I like the eyes. However, I did notice a seam running around the frog, and also an error here:
Apart from those, it’s excellent and very realistic.

Excellent job on the model so far! The noticable seam may come in handy because of the blue parts that need to make up the frog’s sides. You ask about the expression - what kind of scene will this be? Is the frog eyeing an insect to eat or something?

Ok, a lot of work since the last version and still much to do but I think it is improved enough to submit it to your crits and I would like to have your comments on this current version. I have to work on the hands to give them some translucy and the legs need some improvement on the texture. What do you think ?

I think that specular color is too white. Perhaps tone it to be a bit greenish? Also consider turning specularity down just a tiny bit.

There’s a contradiction between the ground and the environment. I think it would be more natural for a frog to be on a leaf or in a pond.

The toes of the frog might be too round. In the images which i have seen they are more flat. Check out for example.

Those eyes are just fabulous and the overall shape looks excellent.

Wow :o
That’s amazing…

But I think that texture of the rock looks kinda funny. To much spec I think (looks plastic). I agree with the specularity being to white too.

But overall, it’s realy impressing

Now, i don’t know much about frogs… but i think the back leg looks a bit skinny…?

The back legs do need to be a bit bulkier, esepcially the upper leg. That’s where the frog gets a lot of its power to jump from. The rock does need a lot more work, both in specularity and perhaps color? Otherwise you have made really great progress! I tried making a frog before and it didn’t turn out to good. :frowning:

Thanks to all for your comments, I should have said this before but please do not pay attention to the rock and the background, this is an intermediate version and they are just there to place the frog in situation (it may not be a good idea). I agree with the remark on the specularity, too white. Regading the back legs, I understood that this frog is not a jumping frog but it lives in trees and it just climbs. So based on the images I found on the net, the back legs seem to be more or less ok (have a look on this link or this one Also agree with the too round toes, some images represent them just like small balls, but in several others they are much more flat. As I said, there is still some work to improve this model.

Will be back later …