Tree Frog

Here’s a frog I’ve been working on, calling it done.

nice modeling but he frog looks like a plastic toy…

well, if you’re calling it done then well done. nice frog

Dawww, he’s so cute. He’d get five stars if the shaders looked more realistic. He does look rather plastic toy like. But it’s still good work on the modeling and the pose.

Great model, although the frog should be just a little more reflective/glossy.

I was trying to make a photo realistic image but came up way short. What does it need to make it more realistic? Does the leaf it’s setting on look more realistic than the frog?

the specular is too soft for a frog-needs more wardiso! ( if you can even choose spec types in cycles?)
also some SSS,
eyes dfinitly need some sharp spec

I will add some more specular sharpness to the body.

I was not able to get the specular on the eyes to a pinpoint but will do it in photoshop.

What about the lighting is it realistic?

the lighting looks very good though you could use some ambient occlusion set to multiply as there should be some shadowing under the frog. You need a specular map too if you want to reach the level of that photo you used. =) (google tree frog) I’d look at a simple fish scale pattern or something like that to use as the spec map. Maybe blur it a bit in Ps to make it less sharp and contrasty. Obviously the colors are too perfect, but I like that.

Ur froggy gets 2 thumbs up from me.