Tree from Curves script: leaf size?

I’ve been experimenting with the ‘tree from curves’-script and I think it’s awesome. Ideasman’ tutorial has been very useful but still there’s a thing I don’t understand. :o

To make the leaves show up without having big DupliFaces, I have to make the leaf extremely big (as shown in the tutorial). In the BBB-files that leaf is rather smile (it’s actually hidden in the trunk of the tree). So my question is: how do I scale that leaf down without having small leaves on the twigs?


I believe they parented the leaf to an empty then called the Empty as the Dupliface. They could then scale the empty to scale the leaves without having to actually change the size of the leaf.

Thanks for the reply mate. I guess your solution should work but I don’t think they did it that way for BBB. At least, I can’t find the empty your talking about in the BBB-files I downloaded.

So if anybody else has the answer (or if I’m wrong and it’s really done this way), shout it out!


Anybody? :frowning: