Tree help

Here is a game I have started. There is a 2d tree which when you get close to turns into a 3d one. How do I make it so once its 3d it goes 2d again when you get far away again? dose that make sense? Thanks for any help.
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well, you could put a plane around the tree, at the distance you want it to change back to 2d, and when the viewer hits the plane then edit end and edit add object.

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Ititrx I tryed what I think you explaned but it dosent work. Here is the file, maybe I set it up wrong?
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Do you know if I did something wrong?

There are quite a few free applications that will make/export high poly meshes for you.
Obtain some of this software, make a tree you like, then just import to blender and render…

you can render nice tree textures in blender, export the .png or .TGA files, and then import them back in for your masked game textures.

in the render panel choose TGA or PNG format, then click the RGBA button. f12 to render then F3 to save the file somewhere.

Well, if you set up a near sensor set for say 6 reset at 8, and you attach the edit object : add 3d tree whatever to it.

Then, if you add another near sensor and have it at 8 reset at 6 and attach it to the add the two dimensional tree, it should work…in theory that is…

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Turin I kind of used what you said, but set it up like this:

It looks just how I wanted it to look.
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