Tree house


(Gregory Ischenko) #1

This project for VR Design Challenge: Mozilla Hubs Clubhouse.
I wanted to make an atmospheric scene. A tree house deep in the forest and high above the ground. Lost in the forests and cut off from civilization. I hope I managed to at least partly convey the mood of this place.

Skethfab Link


Great work! Love the scene. :+1:

And by the way, you can embed the sketchfab viewer by just pasting the link on it’s own line. You posted it with a hyperlink. Embedding is your choice though, most people just don’t take the time to click on external links I feel.

(Fran Alburquerque) #3

Nice artwork! It feels like living there hehe

(Ace Dragon) #4

The treehouse itself is quite well done, it does give a good impression of being rustic, remote, and lived in.

If you have memory to spare, you could try using the new microdisplacement in Cycles to really displace the tree bark, which will boost the realism.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

You’re #featured, good luck with the Mozilla/Sketchfab Challenge! :+1:

(Gregory Ischenko) #6

Thanks to all!

(Ansaar13) #7

This is honestly everything i’ve dreamed about. Almost all of my story’s involve tree houses like these. Hope maybe one day i can portray them as well as you did! :heart_eyes:

(Rolf Berge) #8

Very good. :ok_hand:

(schuylines) #9

Stunning work. This makes me wish I had a VR headset. There’s quite a lot of attention to detail! Beautiful.