Tree House

Hey guys long time no post. Here is a render I did for the Blender Cookie competition. All blender and a little gimp:)

Comments are welcome:)

I Love it !
Good concept

I accidentally replied at your sketchbook post, the vegetation / trees looks really great as usual. I’m sure the winding staircase gave you a few grey hairs. Best of luck Derek.

See, this is why other people can’t win nice things… Bwahahahaha

Awesome work man.

Spectacular execution and an original design, the latter not being something you see everyday with architectural pieces.

The color grading and contrast also gives a nice artistic and photographic feel to it, nice work overall.

Really cool concept!

That’s awesome! Great Job

Love it!

spectacular,nice concept and beautiful execution.convincing vegetation(all sapling?).the bushes are placed naturally, like a forest ecosystem.

Good work, the concept is interesting!
Here some personal suggestions:
move the camera a bit behind, to give “more space” to the building and show more nature;
i prefer a more dramatic mood with some light shafts /god rays; for architecture in the forest, etc…this usually work well;
improve the trees bark: to my eyes they seem low res, maybe also strenghten the displcament.
Lastly i’m wondering if irl can be done becouse of the structure(to my eyes a bit flimsy/weak) and winds…just my thoughts :slight_smile: .

It has to come Guiness book as most tree home.


I like it a lor! Great work! :smiley:

Thanks guys I actually spent a good amount of time researching tree houses and the idea for this structure kinda just evolved. Very organic and modern but functional…just my style:)

Missing a bunch of Elves & Hobbits :slight_smile: