Tree in Cycles

I’m not 100% sure this is the right place to post this, but here is my tree made in cycles. I just want to know what everyone thinks and how I can improve it. Please critique it honestly, I want to make it better and increase my skills in cycles.

If anyone wants to know more on how I did it or node layouts or anything like that, just tell me.

Nice, looks promising. Do you modeled it per hand or do you used sapling or tree from curves?

Nice but needs a bit of rear lighting to see if there is any translucency or SSS in the leaves. Spec seems about right though. The trunk and branches still seem a bit stiff, most trees gnarl up as they age (get twisty or droop).

My advice for any tree is don’t forget moss and lichen. look up any refence photo of a tree and you will probably find a good variety of mosses and lichens. Trees are complicated ecosystems with dozens of species interacting, and integrating that complexity into your renders will do way more to improve believability than any shader node tree.

Would love to know how you did this.

BTW, leaves are two sided polygons. so translucency and SSS doesn’t make any difference.
A closer look could help.

It was made with Arbaro. I only recently became aware of Sapling and am now experimenting with it.

Oh that’s a shame. How could you get shadow transmission from the back face?

Translucency should work as expected, I believe Michalis was saying that since there is no volume, there would be no functional difference between sss and translucency.

Indeed, thanks mexicoxican. Of course, translucency should be added.
Did I miss something?

That’s a really good tip. Never even thought of adding that sort of stuff. Thanks

Here’s a close up of the leaves and trunk