tree in forest

Hi guys, this is the first time i post an image here on this forum, i been using blender for a year and a few month (and of that yea,r like 4 o 5 month plying WOW non stop :eyebrowlift:) and this is one of my work using blender, is something simple but i want your opinion guys.

That is. . . :eek:.

The trees look great, but the grass seems to needs some work, imho. Not sure if it is the texture, color, or just its shape, but it does not quite look right.

Still very good work.

wow! very odd…interesting. looks fairy-tale-ish. but the background looks like a different pic, the trees just suddenly are all darker (makes sense, they’re not “magic”) but then they should get darker the deeper in the forest they are. hope you get what i mean! :slight_smile:

i think i understand what are you saying but, i want it to make like a cristal (or dimond tree) and that is the reason that it look more shiny than the normal tree of the background because the leaf are also whit cristal material:p

O. Don’t really like the crystal tree idea, but that’s my opinion. Even though its the right opinion. :smiley:

It looks kinda like… not right on the trunk. It looks like a texture that repeats a lot. Just me? I don’t know. Nice leaves though.

The grass doesn’t look right to me either. It should be much thicker and you could even thin out an almost path like area. The mushrooms are obviously all duped, take the time to change them around even if it is only a little.

Nice image. I agree with the grass comments. You could make it denser so you don’t see the ground underneath it. I think this raises the question too. If a CG tree falls in a digital forest does anyone hear it?

It has the potential to change itself in some really good image, I’d work a bit on the grass and the background trees.

depends on what renderer you use…

Nice. I would make the “fruit” on the tree a different color, though; something to offset it from the mushrooms on the ground. Because of the similar colors, the mushrooms initially appeared to be fruit that had fallen off of the tree. Or maybe change the color of the mushrooms.

thanks for the tips guys, the grass is not that good because it was my firsttime making grass in blender but i will try to fix it but is going to take time because this simple image took me 45 minute to render ( ancient comp) lol

I love the lighting in it :smiley: I think the only thing worth mentioning is the grass isn’t the greatest, but I still love the composition.